Do Good

The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

— Frederick Buechner

Each of us is called to love and serve our neighbor. We do this best when we know and use the gifts and passions God has given us. There is a chance to identify your own spiritual gifts on the United Methodist Church webpage. Knowing your particular gifts will help you discern how to better connect yourself with the volunteer opportunities available in our church and in our community.

Volunteer with us 




Twelve years ago, one member of our church traveled to South Carolina to volunteer with Rural Mission, Inc.  Since then, his passion for the project has led others to go.  In 2011, our church sent 12 volunteers, who offered their skills doing roof repair, electrical and plumbing work, painting, sanding, and whatever was needed.  Each year, our church partners with Rural Mission, Inc, through prayer, financial support, and an ever-growing group of committed volunteers.   Our whole church gets involved in raising funds, collecting items for the trip, and serving as prayer partners for each volunteer.  Join us in March 2014 for our next trip! Our first organizational meeting is October 12th, 2013 at 10 am.


Our church supports Lorraine’s with a year round food drive.  This year, we hope to give a ton of food to Lorraine’s. Volunteers serve dinner on the second Friday of every month.

On many dates throughout the year, the Mercy Center Blood Mobile can be found in our parking lot from 4-7pm.  All are welcome.

With Trinity Methodist Church in Springfield, we take part in Justice For Our Neighbors each month.